About Us.

We at Northside Movement set out to build a training community of like-minded individuals in a space that would enable them to thrive.

This is what truly makes us unique. Our people. A group of everyday people that value their health, their physicality and their wellbeing. They are prepared to do the “work” (in here we call it play.. you may know it as training) to continue to feel good, stay healthy and be strong. A group of everyday people that support each other and recognise individuality amongst the common goal of being the healthiest, strongest version of themselves.

As well as continuing to build our supportive training community, we aim to deliver well balanced, athletically focused programs that enable our members the highest quality training experience. We continue to deliver these programs through both our Small Group and Personal Training services, along with our more recent addition Northside Online.

We will always be a home for those that want to Connect, Advance & Belong.
We will always be The Peoples Gym.

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Northside Movement | The Peoples Gym

1-7 Reeves Street, Clifton Hill
e: info@northsidemovement.com.au
m: 0421278267