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Jac/ JC

Trainer extraordinaire and strong chick from the country.

Growing up I’ve always been involved in sport. My parents had a rule that I had to try at least 2 different sports every year. Through this my passion grew for netball, I’ve played since I was 5 years old and even got to a point where I didn’t have a day/ weekend completely taken up by it, my mum must have really loved the travel!

After experiencing an abundance of migraines through high school, I decided to start at the gym as a stress relief and to build the foundations for my game. I was hooked from there onwards. Strength training became another new passion, I loved the confidence and power it gave me and decided I wanted to help others feel the same benefits so I enrolled in my PT course in 2014.

A year later I partially tore the lateral ligament in my ankle (in the warm up for a semi final mind you), continued to play on it because my competitive side thought it knew best. So while netball was out of the picture, my focus shifted entirely to building an established client base and opening my first studio to help others establish a healthy relationship with exercise and food.

7 years later and I’m still in the industry I love, working with so many great people and seeing so many incredible achievements daily.

Now I’m onto new ventures, with a move to Melbourne and ticking uni off the list with a double degree in Exercise & Sport Science/ Nutrition Science.

Sporting background
Have tried pretty much every sport under the sun but majorly netball

To help people to understand the true meaning of feeling entirely healthy, physically, mentally and socially through the power of movement and lifestyle habits.

Cert 3 & 4 in fitness
Boxing level 1 & 2
Suspension training level 1
Gen pop nutrition coaching
Kickboxing Level 1

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