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Meet Mike

Mike Singline


Founder, Trainer & Philosopher (or smart arse… depends on perspective).

The short story is as a young kid I played most sports and ran myself ragged as an unsponsored Milo mass consumer. We’re talking competitive sports, uncompetitive sports, forty-forty, bike riding… being active was my game (and nintendo 64 James Bond).

Fast forward through to high school and just over 4 years of working through Chronic Fatigue, the fire was lit for getting back to an active life. After experiencing the loss of physical capacity and at points.. an inability to walk unaided, it was later on that I knew that I wouldn’t want to be in this place again, not if I could help it.

Exercise was the answer.

So with a passion for being active and a desire to share the power of exercising with intent, the fitness industry was where I was heading.

Then through my 20’s.. there was a little wannabe showtime at the local basketball court and an outing pretending to be an olympic gymnast to a trampoline centre, followed by a who knows what to my neck on a training course in Utah.. We tallied up 3 ACL knee reconstructions, another arthroscopy and a single level spinal fusion at the c4/c5.

Talk about banged up. But this just reaffirmed that exercise is the answer. That your physical state is dynamic and ever changing and deserves attention, care and time.

For now… touch wood, we’re back in control and know more about the body from going through these experiences. Learning how to build back up from nothing. Learning how to build support for structures that may be flawed. Always learning. And since 2007 evolving as a trainer to help people.

Sporting Background
Basketball, Tennis, Ping Pong enthusiast and Lad in Lycra (Cyclist).

To help people improve their physical state, to take control of their fitness and to feel awesome.

Bachelor in Health Science (Major in exercise science & nutrition)

Cert 3 & 4 Fitness
Gym Jones Level 1, 2 & 3
Shape Up Boxing Level 1 & 2
FRC Certified
ASCA S&C Level 1
TRX Level 1
TRX rip Training
Cycle Excel Level 1 Spin Instructor
PT Academy – Trigger Point & Effective Movement Training
Ironedge Kettlebells Level 1
ViPR Level 1
MovNat level 1
Zuu & Ankorr Level 1

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Northside Movement isn’t your standard, run-of-the-mill facility. We don’t conform to the masses. We're a locally owned family gym, we aim to have everything you need to reach your fitness goals in one place, combining community and atmosphere to create a hub you’ll want to be part of.

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