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Meet Natalie


Nat / NattieJ

Founder, Trainer & ‘the Compassionate Coach’

Growing up in Rural Victoria, with three sisters, there was so much room for activities. To keep me busy in the country town of Mildura, I fell in LOVE with all sports and loved to throw and kick things… so naturally softball and Taekwando were my calling.

Representing Australia in Taekwando at the World Championships twice and reaching state level for softball I both look back on fondly and reminisce about accomplishing so much.

Fast forward many years and a continued passion for living a healthy active life, I decided to continue my post schooling education with a bachelor in health science, aiming to understand how to get the most out of the human body and how to maintain better health. Add in the physical challenges of overcoming a lacerated achilles in my late 20’s and child birth in my early 30’s, the combination of all of these experiences allow me to understand the body in an entirely different way and experience the changes that happen under physiological stress.

My passion in exploring my physicality with challenging fitness events, living a healthy lifestyle and helping others find their own healthy groove keeps the juices flowing and knowing that toddler of ours will continue to get faster means I need to stay in the best condition I can… just to keep up!

Sporting background
Have tried pretty much every sport under the sun but majorly netball.

To help people to understand the true meaning of feeling entirely healthy, physically, mentally and socially through the power of movement and lifestyle habits.

Cert 3 & 4 in fitness
Boxing level 1 & 2
Suspension training level 1
Gen pop nutrition coaching
Kickboxing Level 1

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