written by Michael Singline
11 - 11 - 20

The secret to getting ahead is getting started. Simple in theory but hard to do when the directions are being drawn by Mr Squiggle and the destination remains a mystery. So how do we start? And more importantly, how do we continue?

Generally, we’ll start on a Monday, when the time is right, the stars align and we feel fit enough that we aren’t going to implode with any type of physical activity. Then, 2 months later, we’re scheduling in another start date because the first attempt didn’t “stick” and one of those stars fell out of place.

What we find is that finding the motivation to do this whole fitness thing regularly comes from a blend of self-efficacy (intrinsic), purpose (intrinsic and extrinsic) and support (extrinsic).

We need to identify as someone that exercises regularly, understand our own intention for first of all starting and then continuing a training habit, all while receiving the right amount of support and guidance to get more out of the experience.

Newton’s first law states that every object (insert human for this example) will remain at rest or in a uniform motion in a straight line unless compelled to change its state by the action of an external force. So if we’re not training, we’re only one workout away from potentially redirecting that straight line. Then, we do another workout, and another one and that old GPS to sedetenaryville has been rewired with the destination reading lifelong exerciser.

We may hit a roadblock every now and then as an injury flares, timing pressures increase or insert your own personal reason here, but now we know that rather than turning the engine off completely, we choose to make it a short pitstop and come back to our purpose, our self-belief and our people that provide that necessary support.

You see, this whole fitness thing.. It really is all about action. The intent, journey and result are all unique to each person experiencing the ride, but there is a commonality found in the fact that we are taking action. Turning up session after session, sharing that feeling that comes with regular, consistent action. And what is that feeling? The confidence that your body can handle it. The pride that is only felt with completed action. The opportunity to see more, to do more with our bodies. To explore and adventure further knowing that you can.

And the exciting bit? It’s never too late. Because action drives more action. So whether you are waiting for next Monday, on a short pitstop or recovering from a morning ride, remember that Mr Squiggles directions to that mysterious destination aren’t so hard to navigate once we’re on the map.

Michael Singline

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