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Frequently Asked Questions

Got Questions?

We’ve collated a number of frequently asked questions to help inform, educate and essentially fill in the blanks.

In the event you’ve worked your way through the questions and answers below and are still left wondering, please don’t hesitate to contact us using the contact form located here. A Northside Movement trainer will respond to you in a timely manner and will do their very best to answer your question.


What’s the best time to go to the gym?
The best time is the time that you can make work consistently in your routine and allow for enough training to get you where you want to go.

For many, the mornings tend to work really well as you can tick the box on the training front before the erratic nature of “daily life” takes over and things pop up that may get in the way.

What do I wear and take with me to the gym?
Active wear is where it’s at.. aka anything you are comfortable wearing that allows for you to knock out a solid training session. Heck, if you wanted to be really fancy you could probably knock out a session in jeans.
What do I need to bring?
For any gym session we recommend bringing your water, a towel and a can do attitude that is ready to go.. but fear not. If your not in the mood or motivated one day.. we’ll get you going.. you just need to get through that front door!
But I'm not fit enough. Maybe I should wait until I'm ready to train?
This pops up A LOT. More than one might think. And if we say it out loud we can see it doesn’t make sense.. as the one thing we need to do to get fitter is train. We work with everyone from the absolute beginner that’s barely lifted a weight.. to the experienced recreational athlete that has a black belt in training.

Understand that fitness runs on a continuum and that we can build your fitness capacity gradually.. but to wait for the perfect time to actually start is like saying you want to learn Spanish without ever opening DuoLingo or going to a Spanish class.


Where to start?
No matter what your previous experience is, we ALWAYS start with a 7 day introductory week. Think of this as your opportunity to try us out and for us to understand your drivers for training, where you are currently at and then to familiarise you with our training system.

This then allows us to create an individualised pathway to help get you where you want to go and gives us more time to get to know each other at a time when things are less familiar and there is more to learn!

How many people in a Group Class?
We run what would be defined as a Small Group Training program which allows us to get a better level of personalisation within the training sessions and retain a much higher level of coaching, support and training than if we were to handle big groups.

Our STRENGTH sessions are currently capped at 12 people per session.

The CARDIO sessions vary from 12-20 given the reduction in technicality and the simplified intent when compared to the strength sessions.

Personal Training vs Small Group. What's the difference?
We run 2 key programs here at the facility.

The Small Group Program is a personalised approach to group training that comes with scalable programming and meets the requirements for most individuals. Whilst the programming isn’t specific to any one individuals goals, in seeking general fitness growth we do this with an experienced and thoughtful approach to programming that brings quality training to all participants.

The Personal Training program dials up the attention and personalisation of your experience from pretty high to 100%. That is you get your OWN trainer to help guide, support and structure your training to give you the BEST training experience around. This is appropriate for individuals that require a little more assistance when starting out, those recovering from an injury or with specific fitness aspirations in mind such as events or significant goals. On top of the Personal sessions, you also gain FULL ACCESS to the Small Group program to give you the opportunity for additional training to compliment the work you’re doing with your Personal Trainer.


I'm a beginner. Do I really need to warm up?
Absolutely. As part of ALL of our training sessions we make sure we give the body an opportunity to warm up and prepare for the training ahead of us. That means we get moving to increase body temperature and blood flow and start working on getting into a headspace to train.
So I've warmed up. What's next?
After you’ve warmed up, the next part of the session will depend on what the focus for that particular session is. If you’re participating in a STRONG session, you’ll have some key strength focuses that we’ll be working on for that particular session. If it’s one of the CARDIO workouts, it will depend on which class and what the primary objective is in line with our programming.. but you can bet it will have you fitter than ever and feeling awesome by the end.
What should I focus on training wise?
This is a BIG question but to simplify what we do.. here’s a little insight to our approach to training, fitness and performance.

Our Small Group Program and common approach to training is based off a General Physical Preparedness model. That is, we want to build up your fitness capacity across many aspects without specialising. So we then work on getting stronger, more powerful and generally fitter.

When we have a specific event, are returning from an injury or a special goal.. we then target your desired goal with a little more specificity. That is, we start to work on those key fitness elements that are entirely relevant to your goal. This is best achieved when working with a Personal Trainer, but given our Smaller Group Sizes and regular opportunities for consultations.. we can achieve an element of this in both programs.

How often should I train?
VERY dependent on what you want to get out of your training and where you are currently at. In general, we recommend aiming for 3-4 sessions per week as a minimum to improve your GPP (General Physical Preparedness or General Physicality). That way you can get at least a couple of strength focused sessions in per week and tick the box on working on your engine (cardio) at least once or twice, whilst then focusing on an active lifestyle around it.

We see better results across the board once people achieve a minimum of 4 sessions per week on a fairly regular basis.

What if I can't keep up?
Keep up with you or what? We are entirely focused on your own personal pursuit and effort with the given task. In terms of being able to lift a particular weight or do a certain number on the rowing machine.. that’s up to you.

Imagine going running around the TAN and comparing yourself to everyone that you saw and trying to compete with people you know nothing about in terms of how long they’ve trained, what they’re training for or even who they are? In the words of Ted Lasso.. be curious and not judgemental.

One of the KEY elements to a successful and meaningful training journey is surrounding yourself in an environment the encourages effort and cultivates support.

When you have the necessary support and consistently give your best effort, the only way is forward. And we ALL start somewhere.

Do you do H.I.I.T?
Yep. One of the most popular buzz words in the industry at the moment and YES. It might be a little different to the influencer style bench jumping meets spiritual enlightenment experience that has been popularised on YouTube in the last few years.

We very much lean towards lower impact when doing cardio because we are grown adults and our joints don’t really appreciate an unnecessary punishing for no reason. Ever feel like your knees want to explode after your training session? You shouldn’t. There is a better way.