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Group Training

Support. Every step of the way

If you’re looking for a Small Group Training Program in Melbourne that will motivate you to reach your health and fitness goals and support you every step of the way, you have come to the right place.

Smaller classes, more attention and more care into the experience is how we do it. With many years in the fitness industry coaching group sessions, we’ve recognised the importance of individual recognition, feedback and teamwork have on long term success.

With this detailed approach coupled with the strength of our supportive community, our Small Group Training Program truly has enabled so many of our clients to transform and feel that little bit better every day. We are hardwired for meaningful connection, both to ourselves and others and our group program is built for this.

You join a team

Someone to keep you accountable

loads of weekly classes available

Time to get crackin’

Sitting on the fence when it comes to deciding on kick-starting your fitness journey?
We get it… It’s not uncommon!
We always start the training journey with a 7 day introductory week. That way you get to see if we’re a good fit for you and then we can help guide you through the options available that will help you keep moving forward!

Group Training

Our group program is structured to get the best results and increase enjoyment for doing this whole lifelong training thing. The result?


This is how we do it.


Monday | Wednesday | Friday

On Monday, Wednesday & Fridays we get STRONG.

These sessions are designed to improve strength with interesting and progressive programming that builds resilience, confidence and a body that functions at a higher level. The result is a stronger body that supports an active lifestyle and leaves you feeling awesome.


Tuesday | Thursday | Saturday

On Tuesday, Thursday & Saturdays we get SWEATY.

With a variety of cardio based classes we get the heart rate up, sweat flowing & endorphins high.

Choose your own poison and yes FOMO is expected with plenty on the training schedule and only so many hours in the day.


On Sunday we close the gym doors & encourage that quality, soul-giving outdoor adventuring time.

Hike, ride, run, ski.. even swim if you’re into that sort of thing.

Or if you really need to.. have a sleep and recharge!

Group Training

Class Descriptions

Our STRONG classes run every Monday Wednesday & Friday and are designed to improve your strength with interesting and progressive programming that builds resilience, confidence and a body that functions at a higher level.
Our ERG sessions run entirely on the glorious CONCEPT 2 machines (Ski, Bike & Row) as we work through timed intervals, build some serious cardio fitness and as a result.. burn some cals, get really “fit” & all of the happy hormones come out to play.
Sweat & Spin your way through sprints, hills and other “I think the instructor is crazy” intervals for a fast paced, low impact cycle class. Oh and we don’t do tiny dumbbells on the bike whilst riding… not our type of thing.
Fight Club
Our BOXING based conditioning class that brings bag work, skipping, foot drills and enough ab work.. all whilst getting to throw a couple heavy shots at the bag and picture the “insert enemy here”
HIIT training with ropes, sleds, airdynes, medballs and enough TOYS to keep you IN THE ZONE for a fast paced 45 minutes. The result.. a deep LOVE/HATE relationship with cardio and an ability to go go go.
Saturday mornings are all about TEAMwork and this is when the intensity dial goes all the way to 10. Think relays, challenges, good times and all of this shared with the other awesome NORTHSIDE WOMEN.
Philosophical. Soul searching. Shit. Some of the words that have been used to describe our Saturday morning SQUAD sessions by previous survivors. This certainly ain’t easy.. but that’s not what we’re here for. Team Based CARDIO done right.

Group Training


Group Training

Membership Packages


(2 x Per Week)

+ 2 Group Classes
+ NO Contract (14 Days cancellation notice)
+ Shower facilities.
+ Facebook Private Members Page Access
+ Videos On Demand Free Access



+ Unlimited Group Classes
+ NO Contract (14 Days cancelation notice)
+ Shower facilities
+ Facebook Private Members Page Access
+ Videos On Demand Free Access
+ FREE Entry to 24 by 6 challenges



Casual, 5 Pack & 10 Pack sessions available by specific request.



Group membership packages start from only $59 per week.

still unsure what program best suits your needs?

The opportunity to CONNECT.
The training to ADVANCE.
The place to BELONG.

At Northside movement we pay attention to all of the important training variables so you can get the most out of every training session.

The group program is built off a unique camaraderie that keeps the fire for training burning hot .

You then walk away with improved confidence, a body that feels awesome and stays youthful .