written by Michael Singline
27 - 8 - 20

When the destination is an outcome, what happens next? If you reach it are you done? If you don’t, was the trip a waste of time? You see we are in the business of building life-long exercisers that understand the benefit gained from regular, quality exercise… A practice rather than a specific outcome.

Sure. The motivation to get started may be higher when something doesn’t sit right. The jeans don’t quite fit. We can’t keep up with the kids. The magazine said you aren’t magazine right.

So you start, working your way on another fitness trip that the shiny brochure promised will be transformative. It will even whiten your teeth. Then, destination reached or not, the training habit which was always destined for a temporary break ends and normality returns.

The jeans shrink. The kids speed up. The magazines start yelling.

So how can we avoid doing circles that keep taking us back to the same place? A place that leaves us wanting more.. to feel different?

We believe, that when you upgrade your own built in GPS with the destination as a “life-long exerciser” rather than the fad chaser, that things start to look a little different. The direction becomes clearer.

Rather than taking massive detours that threaten to take us off the map, we find that our new identity makes sure that our objective is to simply keep moving forward.

To keep turning up.
To keep practicing.
To keep paying attention.

The drive to progress may ebb and flow as sometimes turning up is all we can offer, but at least we are now doing that. Showing up to the opportunity to practice being physical and to give back to ourselves knowing what happens out the other end.

Then, that actual adventure… The one which requires your belief that your body can do it because you’ve stayed on the map, becomes accessible. The experience becomes real and the truth behind why you continue to work hard, to keep showing up, stands on its own.

So when you’re not sure how to reach your destination or the best way to go, start moving. Sitting still won’t get you anywhere.

Michael Singline

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