Our ethos. Our values. Our training. Our banter. All delivered online for you to do in the convenience and safety of your home.

Our Northside Online program was designed to provide interactive live and recorded group training sessions, along with the convenience and specificity available with Personalised Program Plans.

Northside Online Group

The online group training service includes all of the studio favourites including all of the classes that make up our Pride Women’s Specific Program, The infamous Squad hitouts, Cycle Classes and our ever so calming 45 minute Stretching sessions. With over 13 live sessions per week and the opportunity to structure your own training using the recorded sessions, we aim to deliver a highly accessible and top quality training program right to your house. All of this with the additional benefit of having an experienced coach delivering the session, providing all of the individual recognition necessary to make a great group program work.


Northside Online

Intro Offer - $40 for 14 Days.

Our Classes.

Northside Pride

Our Women’s Specific training program that blends high quality athletic training with the greatest supportive training community.

STRONG - Our STRONG class aims to build full body strength while paying attention to the specifics that are important for Women’s exercise prescription. The Result? A body that moves better, builds resilience and feels strong.

SWEAT & CORE - Intervals to make you SWEAT. CORE to make you strong. Our Sweat & Core class is all about getting your heart rate up, building a stable core and burning some serious cals.

TRIBE - Our infamous Saturday morning team based conditioning session in an online format. Think back to a moment in your life where you’ve overcome some physical challenge that you didn’t think you were going to get through? Experience this feeling of self satisfaction every Saturday with the reward being a stronger body and a more resilient mind.

Northside Squad

Our studios mixed athletic offering that pays attention to all of the components important in a G.P.P (general physical preparedness) program. This means we work on building a solid base of your Power, Strength and Endurance to best prepare the body to tackle any physical challenge. Never easy but always valuable.

Northside Cycle

Our Spin sessions delivered LIVE, loud and all with the convenience of getting them done right next to the shower.. Because trust us.. You’ll need one. Adding these sessions to your weekly exercise regime will take your leg strength and cardiovascular fitness to a whole other level.

Northside Recover

The necessary balance to any training program. Stretching, mobility, foam rolling and calming breathing practices are all integral inclusions in our recovery focused classes. These classes aim to reduce your levels of pain, enhance your bodies ability to move well and to leave your body feeling amazing. You can thank us once you return from Planet Zen.

Northside Online - Intro Offer

$40 for 14 Days

Northside Online Personal.

The Northside Online Personal service provides the opportunity to get your own individualised program and side serve of accountability check ins weekly to keep your training on track while at home. The process kicks off with an online consultation to discuss your training ambitions, limitations and injuries, accessibility to equipment, along with some guidance via a video conference of important technical cues. Following the initial consult, your program is designed using user friendly, world class Exercise Programming Software and your workouts are scheduled and ready to go.

The tricky part? You’ll be loving the workouts so much that the time in between them will be challenging.



Absolutely! That’s 13 LIVE & RECORDED training sessions a week.

ALL of our online training sessions (except cycle) are designed so that you can train with minimal equipment. The one essential item that will come in handy would be a miniband which we’ll post out to you once you join. The exercise geeks over at Northside will sort out the rest and create innovative and useful training programs to make you think you’ve just spent 45 minutes using a barbell.

We finally found a useful reason for social media! Once you’re all ready to rumble with the online membership, you’ll be added to either the Pride Inner Circle (Our Women's Only Group.. Sorry fellas) or the North Squad Inner Circle. Here you’ll get access to loads of training tips, accountability threads, recipes, access to our additional studio special events and our weekly Sunday Night Report.

Once we are able to get back into the studio, we plan to maintain an online group training option for those that prefer to train from home or can’t access the studio to train.

Our online training membership can be cancelled at any time. Simply give us 7 days notice and we’ll sort out the admin side!


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