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Personal Training


Want to personalise your training experience with a trainer to teach you, support you and occasionally whip (from a safe distance) you in the right direction?

Our Personal Training Program is where you get all of the attention, all of the accountability and we get to completely personalise your training experience.

Get Maximum Accountability

Get The Most Out Of Every Session

Fall In Love With The Training Process

How it works

How Northside Movement Personal Training Programs Work


Create A Plan

During the INTRO PACK, we set out to learn all about YOU. What’s your training history? Do you have any previous injuries? What do you want to get out of your training? What makes you tick?


Feel the Difference

We see this whole training thing as a pursuit of maintaining the best physical condition we can at any given time. This allows us to function well, to feel awesome and become a lifelong athlete. Our Persaonl Training Program gives you all of the attention and compliments our individual sessions with access to the Small Group Program as well!


Enjoy The Journey

Not only do you get the maximum accountability and best results working one on one with a Northside Movement coach, we pride ourselves on your enjoyment of the training process. Fall in LOVE with exercising well and no longer does it get looked at as a chore but an enjoyable necessity.

Ready to fall in love with the training process?
Want to feel excited to turn up to the gym?
Want to spend your time in a supportive environment?

At Northside Movement we pay attention to all of the important training variables so you can get the most out of every training session. The personal training program is designed with our experience & knowledge of what works and is then tailored to your training ambitions.

It all starts with the INTRO WEEK which you can find here.


In our 12 week Personal Training Programs not only do you get to choose from 1, 2 or 3 Personal Training Sessions per week.. But we give you the works as we look to create the best training experience designed specifically for you!


What else is included in the PT Program?

– Unlimited Access to the Small Group Training Program –
– Access to the Private Facebook Members Pages –
– Free entries into the 24 by 6 participation challenges –
– Regular training reviews to check in with how you are doing –
– Your own Personal Coach that structures your training and guides you along the way –


Our Personal Training Program starts from $124 a week and runs in 12 week blocks.

Want to train with a bud? No problem!

Choose a training mate and let them know that they are in for a ride!

Northside is a gem of a gym. Three years training with Mike has been life changing. With great humour, skill and care Mike has put me through a myriad of carefully structured movements which have built strength and stamina so that I no longer suffer from lower back repeat injuries.

I have tried so many different gyms and I this is by far my favourite! So supportive with a strong emphasis on community. Love these guys!

The program offering is a pretty unique fitness experience that builds on physical and mental strength, and it does it in a friendly, nurturing and welcoming environment. Driven by a very genuine passion and commitment to its community (members) Mike, Nattie and co trainers make sure individuals’ needs are met.

Want More?

You Got It!


To compliment your one on one time with your trainer, by being involved in the Personal Training program you get access to the group program for up to 40% off! More training, more results.


We don’t fluff around with walking on treadmills or watching television when we ” work out”. We are in the business of helping people maintain, improve and enjoy their physicality and the process of training. Our culture is about support, team work and effort.


By working one on one with a trainer, we get to make sure that every session is purposefully delivered to meet your training ambitions and get the most out of EVERY session. Never a wasted minute!


We pride ourselves on building peoples confidence with their body and putting the necessary pieces in place so they feel amazing. Attentive and sensible programming leads to better results and bodies that feel amazing.

Holistic and sustainable results

You are unique. Your body is unique.

The true path to achieving your goals relies on a tailored approach unique to you.

Our holistic practices and dedicated team get our members long term results, inside and out.