The 5 steps for permanently dropping a couple of kilos – Step 1

written by Natalie Jewell
28 - 7 - 21

Defining your purpose.

You’re not defining your purpose – your purpose is defining you.

Move over TOP 14 secrets for being a size 4 bikini model overnight or how do get 18 abs with just one meal… ain’t got time for that.

Let’s break down STEP ONE for operation drop some body fat for those that are interested.

The first step is to do a little self assessment, because how can we alter specific behaviours if we are on autopilot? We think defining your PURPOSE can go a long way to understanding why you do the things you do.

In this instance, talking about weight loss, WHY do you want to drop a few kilos? By defining this we can create a clear motivational reason to consistently implement change and to pull us back on track when adherence goes astray.. we are human after all.

An example is “I want to lose 15 kilograms (outcome with many variables) so that I feel comfortable in my body and can keep up with my kids (the WHY/PURPOSE).”

After we can define THE WHY for the changes we’d like to make, then we can find a support person or team who also understand THE WHY we are choosing to make some behavioural changes.

This could be a trainer, a partner, a friend or even your dog.. although feedback might be hard to understand and they might struggle to give tough love when required.

Once we’ve defined our purpose, decided on our team of support to help us stay accountable and on track.. then we decide what metrics are going to be useful and meaningful to our desired outcome.

Maybe your weight isn’t actually something meaningful to you.. but having the ability to walk up stairs without getting gassed or fitting into a pair of jeans from a year ago is. Ideally we then have some metrics that are meaningful to our outcome and purpose and give us feedback on whether our current mix of actions is enough to get us where we want to go.

ACTIONS to take for STEP 1.
1. Define your desired outcome and purpose (WHY) you want to make some changes
2. Decide on your support person / team for accountability
3. Decide what metrics you think are useful to your desired outcome and purpose

Natalie Jewell

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