The 5 steps for permanently dropping a couple of kilos – Step 4

written by Natalie Jewell
28 - 7 - 21

The tool belt.
Even the simplest tool can empower people to achieve great things.

STEP FOUR is a game changer. This is where we can work out which tools, and there are many, are going to be utilised to help us along the way. Whilst the right tools to prioritise would be dependent on your own circumstances, after many years of working through the weight loss journey with hundreds of people, we’ve seen some commonalities.

Here is our HIT LIST for complimentary actions that you can take to assist the positive and measured changes to your dietary behaviours.


Not only does it have an infinite capacity to assist with burning more energy (important for achieving a caloric deficit), if done well and thoughtfully, we can alter our internal environment and create a body that not only feels healthier, stronger and more energetic.. but actually is.

What to aim for?

Train to develop physical attributes with quality training.. rather than chasing the calories.. That is a race that is going to be VERY hard to win. Build muscle mass, improve cardiovascular fitness, create a body that functions at a higher level.

We would also HIGHLY recommend forming a positive relationship with exercise and making it part of your regular routine. Whether you lose weight or not, it is a vital component for maintaining a body that functions well and feels good, not to mention the hundreds of other health benefits.

As a prescribed amount, this will differ for everybody BUT we have seen the best results when someone trains at least 4 days a week with at LEAST 2 days of weight training.

We have also recognised that exercise allows people to view the world through a different and more positive lens. In the act of completing the training session, we build momentum for everything else we endeavour to action through the day.


A lot of our chat when talking about fat loss is about understanding how controlling your energy consumption vs your energy expenditure is the answer for fat loss. What is also important to remember, is if we FEEL better, we are more likely to make better decisions and implement targeted behaviours more willingly.

Let’s say you’ve got 1600 calories to play with for the day.

You can get those through McDonalds.
You could get it through just vegetables.
You could get it through just chocolate.

All 3 of these choices would lead to completely different outcomes with how your body processes the energy and more importantly how you feel and function.

Take the chocolate day for example.

If I ate JUST chocolate for the day (it would be awesome) and stayed within my targeted range, I may very well still lose weight, but I would also most likely experience a rollercoaster ride of ups and downs on the energy front, potentially some gut disturbances, not to mention a general feeling of “bluh”.

This means the next day.. or even that night.. could be troublesome.

What to aim for?
Increase your vegetable intake (5 serves a day)
Eat good quality proteins (1.2-1.5g per kilogram of bodyweight.. could go up to 2g if training regularly)
Pay attention to your digestion and gut (your gut IS your second brain.. nourish it)
Regularly choose to eat things that make you FEEL better and provide you the most bang for your buck (nutrients, energy, digestible and improve vitality)


All of your daily activity outside of scheduled exercise. Make no mistake. Lifestyles are shifting towards this new system where convenience trumps all.
Takeaway food has been replaced with delivery.
Getting the newspaper from the bottom of the driveway has been replaced by checking it on the phone.
Social media absorbs 2 hours of the average adults day (Scary, we know).

This is incredibly problematic, not just for maintaining a healthy composition but for feeding the body movement, a thing that allows us to feel more human and maintain our physicality.

Our LOWEST calorie expenditure comes when we are lying down.. it goes up slightly if we are sitting.. up a little further if standing.. up a little more when walking etc.

Building in activity through the day is a MUST and recognising the negative impact that sedentary behaviour can have on a whole host of health issues, not just weight gain.

What to do?
Use a step counter for objective feedback of how often you’ve moved around for the day
Schedule opportunities / movement into the day to break up long periods of sitting
Strategically start to build a lifestyle that encourages MORE movement.


We’ve all been there.. heck we’re here far more often than ever as we go through another Melbourne lockdown.. and think of what it does to our motivation to engage with preferred positive behaviours. Not bloody good. In the example of working with someone for weight loss, we would talk about controllable vs uncontrollable stressors that may be contributing to the adherence to particular behaviours.

THEN.. we take action.
Exercise can have a positive impact.
Meditation can have a positive impact.
Parasympathetic breathing can have a positive impact.
Playing games or laughing can have a positive impact.
We need to understand that we want to be in a state that allows us not to just implement the desired behaviours.. but to WANT to implement the desired behaviours.


Ever felt that you’re a rechargeable battery but the charging dock doesn’t seem to be working?.. yeah.. me neither… But you get where we are going. Sleep has the power to make or break us. Just ask any parent of a child that hasn’t been taught this lesson yet and likes to party at night.. stress hormones go up, motivation goes down and the body is fighting a battle that it just can’t win.

You could still lose weight on inadequate sleep.. it could just be harder.

We look to improve the quality of sleep and understand that it allows us to function better when we achieve an adequate amount.

What can you do?
Drop the screens at night if you’re a poor sleeper.
Goodbye late swigs of caffeine if you are still running hot when the sun comes down.
Increase your exposure to sunlight earlier in the day to find a better pattern.
Get outdoors DAILY.
Exercise regularly.
Do any calming practice that helps bring your body closer to a place of settling or shut down for the night, rather than watching re runs of Game of Thrones.


It takes a TEAM to make the DREAM happen.

Ash Barty doesn’t just dominate without a coach, a trainer, a psych, her dogs.

Dustin Martin didn’t just turn up and take all of those premierships on his own.

You need to position yourself in an environment that helps you asoften as you can. That drives you. That encourages you to make positive changes.

Sadly, the minority exercise enough.

The minority move enough.
The minority eat enough vegetables.

In the RIGHT environment you can say hello to better accountability, better adherence to the action list you create for yourself and more support and enjoyment along the journey.

By taking control of your scenario with these factors and utilising your tools, your experience.. in this case the experience of implementing specific behaviours to create a reduction in body fat.. you can continue to move the dial towards your desired outcome and purpose!

These are the KEY factors that we look at outside diet, that we feature in our conversations when we’re talking about fat loss.

Natalie Jewell

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