The 5 steps for permanently dropping a couple of kilos – Step 5

written by Natalie Jewell
28 - 7 - 21

You have what it takes to be the best you can be.

You can lose weight without training. Close the book. Training in the realm of fat loss IS NOT the primary determinant of whether you will achieve your weight loss goals. It can just help, A LOT.

STEP FIVE is less about a specific magic mix of exercises and more about building a training mindset.

“How much training do I need to lose weight”?

If I had a bitcoin for every time I’ve heard this. I’d most likely be possibly extremely wealthy and still confused about cryptocurrency.. but back to the point.

Training is ONE of the factors that can contribute to the fat loss equation in a positive way.

Training is THE factor that can transform the way your body functions physically and our internal environment for a positive.

The first thing we recommend when it comes to training, is to form a positive relationship with exercise and to understand HOW it can change you.

To remove the expectation that if I train “X” times I will achieve the desired fat loss.

Instead, the expectation may be, If I train X times I know I will be doing nothing but good for my body and positively impacting my desired fat loss whilst working towards my purpose.

The second thing is we now only start talking about building physical attributes with our training.

Building strength and muscle
Building structural integrity
Building cardiovascular efficiency
Building horse power

By working on improving physical attributes via considered and thoughtful training practices, we then get the associated and meaningful benefits of:

Changing our internal and external lens positively
Deepening our understanding of the bodies functionality
Developing physical and mental resilience

Amongst MANY other factors that can contribute to being your best self.

Because why else would we aspire to be anything different?

So, without being able to give the magic number or program to lead to specifically the fat loss outcome, here’s our hot tips on the training front that CAN definitely help you understand more about developing a winning training mindset:

Mindset – “What you can see is what you are willing to feel. What you are willing to feel is based on what you are open to experience. ” – Mark Twight. Training for physical change requires awareness, intent and effort. Enter into a training journey prepared to learn but more importantly try.
Support – Train with someone or somewhere that understands not only how to develop physicality, but can make it relatable to where you are at and understanding your individual context.
Benchmarks – Surround yourself in a positive environment with people that help you set benchmarks that aspire you to maintain a training practice and to STAY in the training game permanently.
Culture – Be in a culture that makes the training process richer and more meaningful. Now, you’re not only turning up for yourself.. you’re turning up for the team.
and don’t forget to AIM HIGH with your training aspirations. If you’re going to show up, you may as well make the most of your time.

Natalie Jewell

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