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If you don’t know what to do in the gym or you’ve never stepped foot in one before, it can seem like a pretty scary place. What are all the machines for? How do I do use them? Is everyone looking at me?

Northside Movement was intended to be a perfect place for beginners and for seasoned gym junkies. Regardless of your experience in the gym, we’re here to help you every step of the way. For beginners, that starts with what to pack in your gym bag, right up to helping you establish your tailored beginner’s workout. We’re here to fill in the blanks and help you learn everything there is to know about working out in the gym and smashing your fitness goals.

We proudly specialise in:

– Training built around your current stress levels and state of mind –
– Training that matches your fitness level and available workout equipment –
– Nutritional support that builds great habits, cooking skills for when eating at home or navigating food on the road –
– Weekly and monthly coach check-ins for accountability, refinement, and support –
– Specialized nutritional advice for those looking to improve their diet –

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